PRE-WASHING: Pre-wash using detergent (no liquid fabric softener). Wash T-shirts once, sweatshirts twice, denim, dress shirts, and anything starchy feeling at least 5 times. You don't have to dry your garment each time, but do use detergent each time. The sizing may have a reaction with the Mylar Sticky Design Paper that the designs are made on, could cause scorching and will prevent the glue from locking on to the fabric. You must get all the sizing out of the garment so the design will be durable.

PREPARATION: Check your iron to see if it has an automatic shut off. This usually cuts off before the 30 seconds it takes to get the glue liquid. You may want to purchase an inexpensive iron that does not have this automatic shut off to use for crafts. The Mylar Sticky Design Paper (called "sticky paper" hereafter) may leave a residue on certain fabrics, so trim the design leaving 1/4" around design edges. Test your iron to be sure it is as hot as possible but not too hot! Set your iron temperature on high, usually the cotton/linen setting, NO STEAM. Select a small piece (about 3"x3") of the sticky paper trimmings (without metals/facets/crystals) from your design and peel the backing off. Place the clear sticky paper trimming on the ironing board, sticky side down. Place your Teflon sheet over the sticky paper and press with your iron for 30 seconds. If the clear sticky paper looks the same after ironing for 30 seconds, then the iron is at the correct temperature. If the paper is bubbled or shrinks, it is too hot! Turn the iron down slightly, select a new piece of sticky paper and try again. Once you have acquired the proper iron setting you are ready to proceed. Pre-test your fabric by placing the Teflon Sheet on an unnoticeable area and press for 30 seconds. Make sure your fabric can withstand the heat and not leave an iron mark. Smooth velvet, acrylic or silk sweaters, and some rayon fabrics may show an iron mark.

APPLYING A DESIGN: Place a plain white piece of paper between the front and back of your pre-washed garment so you will not glue your garment together. Remove backing from design. You will NOT use this backing paper again in the ironing process. Re-align any metals/facets/crystals that may have moved. Place design with sticky side down on fabric. If not in desired position, lift and reposition. Do not drag design. A firm ironing surface is necessary. Your household ironing board is too pliable, use a table top ironing board or a bread board with a bath towel on it. Place the protective Teflon Sheet over the design. With your iron set on the proper temperature, FIRMLY PRESS DOWN IRON, (DO NOT MOVE IRON) for 30 seconds, THEN slowly move forward 1" and back (just once) and lift. This helps to ensure that any small metals/facets/crystals under the holes will get pressure. Firm pressure is the key to durability. 2 STEP DESIGNS: When you have small metals/facets/crystals next to larger ones-think of the larger metals/facets/crystals as the "mountains" and the smaller ones as the "valleys". Your iron cannot get pressure into the valley because the mountains will hold the iron above the valley. Apply the design as above but immediately after you remove the iron, place a potholder where the iron was and apply pressure with your fingers on the small metals/facets/crystals in the "valleys" while the glue is still hot and liquid. Move to next section and repeat process until entire design has been pressed. LET COOL COMPLETELY. Slowly peel back sticky paper. If any metals/facets/crystals lift with the paper, replace paper and Teflon and press that area once again. If any metals/facets/crystals do not stick this time you will have to replace those metals/facets/crystals with new ones.

When properly applied, designs are machine washable & dryable. Turn your garment inside out before washing.
CREATING YOUR OWN DESIGN: First create your pattern. Either draw, copy from a coloring book or stained glass book (simple designs without shading are easiest) or type the words you want to create on the computer in a font you like and a size you want the finished design to be. Be sure to reverse or make a mirror image of the design or word and print it to be used as a pattern. Then remove backing from sticky paper & place sticky side up, under the clip on a clipboard. Slide the pattern to be duplicated underneath the sticky paper. Using tweezers, place the metals/facets/crystals, glue side up on the sticky paper to duplicate your pattern. When design is completed, replace the backing to sticky side of paper. You will apply this custom design just as you would a pre-made design.

TIPS ON ADDING CRYSTALS: You can add metals/facets/crystals directly into your design. Place them glue side up on the sticky side of the paper before you iron the design on.

*Never place the Teflon Sheet directly on the metals/facets/crystals. Teflon will not absorb anything. Any glue that might ooze out from the edges of the metals/facets/crystals will make a mess. Always have a layer of sticky paper on top of the metals/facets/crystals. This holds them in place so you may move forward 1" & back to ensure that you have firm pressure on all metals/facets/crystals.

*If you do not have enough sticky paper to cover the entire design, you may place a piece of lint-free fabric on top of the metals/facets/crystals that are showing (to absorb the excess glue that may ooze out), then your Teflon & press for 30 seconds. Do not move iron forward and back in this area. Instead lift iron, & replace in slightly different area so all metals/facets/crystals will get pressure.

*Seams or welting may keep the iron from pressing the design firmly to the fabric. Avoid them! *These metals/facets/crystals will not stick to non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, or leather. *Your sticky paper can usually be used twice.
*HEAT PRESS OPTION: 30 seconds at 350 degrees.
Given the wide variety of textiles & machinery available, we cannot take responsibility or guarantee the application of transfers.
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